Chris Ackerman

Chris Ackerman is a husband to one beautiful wife (Rachel), a father to six precious children (Noah, Shiloh, Grace, Faith, Joy, and Heaven), and a lover of Jesus (and those made in His image).

Chris grew up in New Jersey, spent a few years in New York City, and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He went from having billboards in Times Square to starring in a lead role in a Marvel Comic film to falling at the feet of the Maker of Heaven and Earth. The end was where Chris found his beginning and life took on new legs.

He currently serves as a worship leader at a tiny Baptist church in Southern California and has spent the past decade volunteering in the local prison; where Chris shares the gospel with the often-overlooked children of God.

Whether through writing, music, or simple conversations, Chris’ deep love of the Lord is evident in all he does.

When he is not laughing with his family or tirelessly pouring into his studies, he can be found relaxing at the beach, taking in God’s glorious beauty.

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